Perfect Fitness Weight Vest, 20-Pound, Review

Perfect Fitness Weighted VestDoing exercises with weighted resistance is a great way to improve your strength and enhance your workouts. The Perfect Fitness Weighted Vest can hold from between 1 to 20 pounds of weight. It’s been designed for comfort and uses flat, flexible weights that adjust to your body movements.

This vest has a slim fitting design so it won’t look too bulky when you do your workouts. It also features high visibility reflective material so you can easily be seen if you’re out jogging or walking next to the road. The vest has a breathable shell to make your workouts more comfortable and it comes with a belly band that can be closed tightly to ensure an athletic fit.

Perfect Fitness is a designer of innovative fitness equipment including the Perfect Pushup, Perfect Pullup and Perfect Situp.  Their focus is on creating fitness accessories for people of all fitness levels and giving them the opportunity to unlock their bodies’ potential. Read the rest of this entry

Hyperwear Hyper VestThe Hyperwear Hyper Vest is a 10 pound adjustable weighted vest that suits both men and women. It will add resistance to your workouts allowing you to get a better return for each exercise that you do.

The vest has an innovative design with high-density steel weights that are fitted close to your core. This means you should experience minimal movement and a comfortable fit.

This vest is made with fabric that is breathable and odor resistant which is really important for long workouts and long term use. It has a slim profile that hugs your body while still allowing for full chest expansion for heavy breathing. While the vest itself only has 10 pounds of weight expansion packs can be purchased for additional weight. Read the rest of this entry

Empower VestThe Empower Adjustable Weighted Walking Vest is perfect for women who want to improve their fitness and strength. The added weight will make exercising more difficult giving you greater cardio, speed, power and agility. This vest is made for adults and has an adjustable size of between 4 and 8 pounds.

The Empower Workout Vest can be adjusted in increments of one pound. It comes with a quick release buckle and an adjustable strap that fits around your chest. The fabric is made from neoprene which should be soft and comfortable to wear.

The vest fits women’s sizes from 2 to 16 and can be used walking and running outside or doing a variety of other exercises. The weights fit evenly around the vest so you won’t feel like you’re straining any part of your body more than others. It’s the perfect choice for increasing the intensity of your workout. Read the rest of this entry


ZFO Sports Vest 60lbsIf you’re serious about your fitness there’s only one way to go, and that is with a weighted vest such as the ZFO Sports 60lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest. This vest is not for the faint of heart and does look pretty heavy duty. It also can pack an amazing 60lbs of weight so it’s probably the only vest you’ll ever need.

The vest comes with an adjustable weighting system so you’re not stuck with the full 60 pounds of weight. In fact you can load it up from anywhere between 0lbs to 60lbs with weights being adjusted in 4lb increments. This ZFO Sports vest is the number one brand sold on Amazon and is a fantastic way to optimize your workouts with more resistance.

ZFO Sports sell a wide range of fitness products at reduced prices. They specialize in weighted vests, ankle weights, kettlebells and power speed sleds. They pride themselves on providing great customer service and affordable prices. Read the rest of this entry

CROSS 101Need to add resistance to your training? Want to improve your strength and athletic agility? Try a weighted vest such as the Cross 101 40lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest in Camouflage. This vest is comfortable to wear and comes with 10 ir0n ore weights of 4lbs each.

The total weight of this vest with all weights added is 40lbs. This will give you a lot of resistance to your training and enhance whatever workout you’re doing, whether it’s crossfit, sprinting, cross training or strength training.

Even though it carries a lot of weight the vest itself is quite compact. In fact the vest will only come down from your collarbone 13 inches and has a width of 15 inches. It includes a one year warranty so if something does go wrong with the vest you’ll be able to return it for a new one. Read the rest of this entry

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