Tone Fitness Weighted VestIf you want to improve your exercises and gain additional strength try a weighted vest such as the Tone Fitness Weight Vest photo attachment. This vest allows you to add up to 12 pounds of additional weight and is constructed from a soft neoprene material that is comfortable to wear.

The Tone Fitness Weight Vest comes with a pocket to hold your mobile phone, MP3 player or other device Intel xdk. One size fits most people and it comes with an easy to use strap buckle. The blue reflective strips will make you stand out in the dark so you don’t have to worry about being hit by cyclists or motorists 가이드온 다운로드.

The vest has a weight of 12 lbs which is not adjustable. It’s evenly distributed across the vest and is comfortable to wear. The vest is a one-size fits all design with a single adjustable strap that goes across your chest 버티칼 리미트 다운로드. Not only will this vest improve your strength but you cardio, power, speed and agility.

Tone Fitness is a company that specializes in producing fitness products for women Seoul Tuk-tuk. They have a wide range of products including Yoga mats, kettlebells, jump ropes and weighted vests. They not only design products that look good but are comfortable to wear and will improve your health intern integrated subtitles.

Comfortable Fit

One of the most important things when using weighted vests is to make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear ie a tag download. Tone Fitness have done a great job making sure this vest is evenly weighted and it comes with a buckle so that you can tighten it around your chest for a snug fit 천국의 신화 다운로드.

“I have wanted to buy a weighted vest for a long time. I got so lucky finding this one on the first try! The weight is evenly distributed & it fits very comfortably.”


Quick Delivery

If you need a weighted vest fast and don’t want to wait around for delivery you can be sure that the Tone Fitness Weight Vest will be sent out as soon as possible Download adobe premiere pro cc 2017. Within a short time you’ll be optimizing your routines for greater health and strength.

“Time frame was great i really liked the fact they shipment was fast and i thought i chose the wrong size but it fit perfect.”

Great Value For Money

There’s no need to spend thousands on expensive exercise equipment 아메리칸 갱스터 다운로드. This weighted vest will improve your strength and agility and only costs a fraction of the price of other exercise equipment. The low cost combined with its soft and comfortable material with balanced weighting make this great value for money.

“If you want to ramp up your resistance in your power walks or floor exercises at the gym or home this is the way to go. Sits up higher on your body and securely for a better center of gravity. Does what it says it will do. Works great!”


* Add strength training to your workout

* Constructed of soft neoprene material for comfort

* Pocket to hold MP3 player or cell phone

* Reflective strips for safety while walking at night

* One size fits most

What Customers Are Saying

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest has received dozens of reviews from those wanting to improve their fitness. It scores a 3.8 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Buyers say it’s comfortable to wear and fantastic value for money.

“This is a really well made weight vest, quality material and stitching.”

“I have really been enjoying this weighted vest. I wear it for every workout and I can feel the difference.”

Recommendation & Price

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is a women’s weighted vest with a fixed weight of 12 pounds. It’s easy to strap on and comes with an adjustable buckle. One size fits most people and the soft, durable material will be a delight to wear during your exercises. This vest is remarkable cheap and has received good reviews from customers. To see the best price for this weighted vest please click here.

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